Where’s the beef? Relish the grilling season with a vegan barbecue

shutterstock_17191837With summer in full swing, you’ve likely swapped stovetop cooking for firing up the grill and enjoying simpler fare al fresco with family and friends.

However, if you’re entertaining a guest with dietary restrictions, like a vegan who doesn’t eat meat, dairy or eggs,you might think twice about hosting a backyard barbecue.

But grilling season doesn’t mean that those who enjoy a vegan diet need to forgo theirfavourite summertime fodder.

In fact, with a few modifications to your typical cookout, you can easily accommodate all your guests – withminimal hassle and little added prep time on your end.


Take advantage of summer’s bounty and serve a platter of freshly sliced or whole veggies for your guests to nibble on as they wet their whistles, and whet their appetites.

Couple your crudités with a homemade dip by substituting a dairy base with Tofutti’s lactose-free Better Than Cream Cheese.

For a crowd-pleaser that will have your dairy-loving guests second-guessing their taste buds, serve a ranch-style or onion dip that’s rich in flavour and texture.

Main course

Juicy, grilled cheeseburgers are a classic summertime comfort food – unless, of course, you don’t eat meat or dairy. With so many meat alternatives on the market, it’s easy to replace animal protein with a vegan-friendly patty.

Likewise, a grilled Portobello mushroom is a tasty and healthy alternative to sandwich between a bun.Don’t forget to slap some Tofutti Soy Cheese Slices on your veggie burger – a delicious, dairy-free and vegan alternative to regular cheese.

For no-fuss side dishes your guests will love, serve baked potatoes with all your favourite fixings, including a dollop of Toffuti Sour Supreme . Plate alongside some sweet grilled corn on the cob, and dinner is served.


Whipping up a cool treat is a breeze with Toffuti’s line of soy-based frozen desserts that serve as a delicious substitute for ice cream.

With a variety of flavours to choose from, including Vanilla Almond Bark, Chocolate Cookie Crunch and Better Pecan, try Tofutti Premium as sundae with seasonal summer fruit, or scoop into your favourite cone.

What vegan-friendly recipes are you grilling up this summer?