What’s the Secret to a Great Relationship?

Food and love have gone together since the dawn of time. We cook meals for our family and friends to express our love and gratitude. We offer the occasional treat as a reward or as part of a celebration. We give chocolates to loved ones on Easter and Valentine’s Day. And while you may wonder why a food company like Tofutti is offering relationship advice, it’s because we have discovered the answer to a healthy, long-lasting relationship and a happy marriage. It’s our Marry Me Dessert Bars!


After a two-year absence from the market due to production issues, we recently reintroduced our famous Marry Me Bars. Our Marry Me Bars are the perfect marriage of icy-cold vanilla goodness wrapped in rich chocolate. What’s not to love? You will be a hero when you open a package and offer our dairy-free icy bars as an after-school treat. Imagine how your partner will swoon with delight when you hand them a Marry Me Bar while watching Netflix? You might even ask, “Marry me?” as you hand him or her a Marry Me Bar!


These chocolate-covered ice-cream-style bars are the perfect pick-me-up treat. And if you are thinking, “Oh, I can’t eat that,” well, yes you can. Tofutti Marry Me Bars are dairy-free and cholesterol-free, sweetened with organic sugar, and have just 168 calories per bar. Enjoy the old-school goodness of an ice cream bar without the dairy. Food, love, Marry Me Bars.

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