What’s the Difference Between a Vegan and a Vegetarian Diet, and Where Can I Find Tofutti Non-Dairy Products?

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While neither vegans nor vegetarians eat meat, vegetarians may choose to consume dairy products and eggs, while vegans avoid eating all animal products including eggs and dairy and purchasing any products derived from animals, such as leather and wool.

If you are contemplating following a vegan lifestyle, have teens who are vegan, or have a guest coming for dinner who is vegan and are wondering what on earth to make, we have many recipe ideas on this blog that use Tofutti non-dairy products, which are ideal for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Tofutti® is a line of delicious cholesterol-free, lactose-free non-dairy products that are ideal for most vegetarian, vegan and special religious dietary law needs (Tofutti® is kosher pareve). All Tofutti® products contain soy protein, and Tofutti® is the number 1 brand of soy-based, dairy-free frozen desserts sold in either health food stores or mass markets, such as Metro stores.

Our products include non-dairy frozen desserts, frozen novelty bars, non-dairy cream cheese, sour cream and slices made from tofu, a soybean base. Tofutti® products are great tasting, premium, one-of-a kind, healthy alternative products that taste like traditional ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream and cheese slices but are 100 per cent non-dairy.

There is an ever-increasing amount of information on the health benefits of soy and soy foods.

Soy protein can help lower blood cholesterol and reduce the rates of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer (breast, colon and prostate), along with the symptoms of menopause. Several components of soybeans, including protein, fibre, calcium, essential fatty acids and isoflavones, offer the potential to promote health and prevent diseases. Genistein, an isoflavone found in high concentrations in soy foods, is thought to play a key role in many of the potential health benefits. The daily recommended dose of isoflavones (the active ingredient in soy) is 40 milligrams. This equals 3/4 cup of tofu or 1 1/2 cups of soy milk.

Why do we make Tofutti® products? Did you know that approximately 20 per cent of the Canadian population has a lactose intolerance? Lactose is a milk sugar that is in most dairy products. Then there is the issue of how our diets affect our heart health. Heart and stroke problems are the number 1 reason for premature death in Canada, with diet being a major contributor to the problem. Saturated fats increase blood cholesterol, and higher levels can lead to health problems. Unsaturated fats tend to decrease blood cholesterol. Tofutti® products are dairy-free and cholesterol-free and contain no trans fats.

Look for these Tofutti® products at a store near you:

Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese
Tofutti Novelties such as Yours Truly, Chocolate Fudge Bars and Marry Me Bars
Tofutti Premium® non-dairy frozen dessert, available in various flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate and Vanilla Almond Bark®
Tofutti Slices

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