Valentine’s gifts your VIP vegan will love

shutterstock_93009997With love permeating the air, you’re probably seeking the perfect present for the special vegan in your life. And just because you’re looking for a gift that adheres to your loved one’s ethical and health choices, doesn’t mean your present can’t also be romantic.

Most vegans stay away from items made from animal products, including leather, fur, silk, wool and pearls. Vegans also practice animal-friendly diets, meaning meat,dairy, eggs and honey are off-limits. In addition to being animal rights advocates, many vegans are also environmentalists.

The fact is, finding a gift that’s fitting of the festivities and your better half’s lifestyle isn’t impossible.But it does take thought coupled with a little research. With the below gift ideas to guide you, you’ll be well on your way to securing a present that makes your sweetie swoon, while also showing him or her just how much you really care.

Choose pampering over practicality

The trick to giving good gifts is to present people with something they normally wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Sure, your loved one may really need socks or a new hair dryer, but neither celebrates the spirit of the season.

A spa date for two, on the other hand, is not only luxurious, but it can also heat up romance. Plus, most spas use plant and mineral-based products in their treatments, making a relaxing retreat an ideal gift for your vegan Valentine.

Give clichés a personal twist

A box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers and jewelry may seem ordinary to some. However, with dairy being a prime ingredient in many Valentine’s Day confections, your loved one will likely consider a box of gourmet, organic and vegan chocolates a rare treat.

Sourcing organic, locally-grown flowers is a nice touch. However,giving someone a beautiful potted plant is a gift that keeps giving enjoyment. Moreover, there are a number of jewelers who create unique, upcycled pieces that are not only stylish, but also eco-friendly.

Show your passion with compassion

Cruelty-free clothing and accessories, like cozy wool-free sweaters or a fancy faux-leather jacket or wallet, make great gifts for both him and her. Better yet, for people who really have it all, a charitable donation in their name to an animal rescue or sanctuary is not only thoughtful, but can also save a life. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that?