Tofutti’s Stir Fry with Better Than Sour Cream Sauce

stirfryTofutti offers a wide variety of delicious, dairy-free alternatives for you to enjoy.

If you’re looking for something tasty and delicious that won’t take forever to prepare, why not try Tofutti’s Stir Fry with Better Than Sour Cream Sauce!

This dish makes for a fabulous meal, in 30 minutes or less! In order to prepare this, you will need:

One package of Udon stir-fry noodles, a half cup of frozen shelled Edamame, four cups assorted vegetables of your choosing. We used asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, yellow pepper, red pepper, onion, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, green squash and shitake mushrooms. You will also need three thinly sliced green onions for garnish, a half cup of fresh bean sprouts, a half cup of firm tofu for extra protein, fresh parsley, red pepper flakes, one cup vegetable broth, two teaspoons of soy sauce, one quarter teaspoon of white pepper, one teaspoon of minced garlic, a half cup of Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, one teaspoon of vegetable oil and one teaspoon sesame oil.

Now that you’ve got all your ingredients, you will need to add the vegetable broth, soy sauce and Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream together in a small bowl, and stir until they’re combined. Set this aside for later.

Next, place your oils in a wok or deep skillet. Heat this for one minute, and then you will need to add your garlic and assorted veggies and stir fry this for three to four minutes until its tender.

You will now season your stir fry with white pepper and red pepper flakes to taste.  Next, add your Tofutti broth mixture and heat slowly.

Remove your dish from heat and toss in the Edamame, bean sprouts, Udon noodles and cubed tofu. Garnish your dish with fresh chopped parsley and sliced scallions, and enjoy!