Tofutti tricks to making dairy-free treats!

halloween_icecreamHalloween can be scary for parents of children who have severe milk allergies or lactose intolerances.

Tempering a child’s temptation towards bags full of sugary sweets is challenging enough, and poring over labels in search of ingredients like milk protein can be outright frightful.

With Tofutti Premium frozen dessert on hand, and the following recipes at your fingertips, however, there’s no real trick to making a dairy-free Halloween treat the whole family can enjoy.

Not only are these desserts milk-free to be allergen-friendly, but they’re also spine-chilling to be in the spirit of the spooky season. Plus, these haunting sweets are easy to make, kid-friendly and as fun to prepare as they are to eat!

Vampire’s blood float

Tofutti Premium replaces ice cream in this terrifying but tasty treat. Simply fill a clear glass with sparkling red grape juice or fruit punch, and then top with a scoop of Vanilla Tofutti Premium for an oozy float that will delight even the most devilish dessert lovers on Halloween.

Halloween ice “scream” sundaes

Playing with your food is OK on Halloween. So why not set up a festive and spooky sundae bar complete with scary gummy candies, such as crossbones, Frankenstein’s monster heads, skeletons and bats? Serve with your favourite flavour of Tofutti Premium frozen dessert, such as chocolate or vanilla almond bark!

Frozen eyeballs

The little ones won’t believe their eyes when they stare into this horrifyingly delicious dessert! For each serving, place a scoop of Vanilla Tofutti Premium into a dish, and then decorate with a gruesome gummy eyeball. Drizzle with strawberry syrup for a bloodshot effect, and dig in before the dish melts!

Remember, for parents of kids who are allergic to dairy, Halloween can be extra tricky. With Tofutti products on hand, however, you’ll be well on your way to preparing dairy-free treats the kids will love — and ensuring a happy Halloween for all!