Tofutti products are Kosher certified

All Tofutti products are certified Kosher Parve, which means that none of the products ever contain any dairy including milk by-products such as casein, whey, or skim milk powder.

So what is Kosher Parve? The Kosher Parve symbol certifies that the product is completely dairy/casein free. Kosher is a Hebrew term that refers to food that has been prepared in accordance with Jewish Dietary Law. The term itself means “proper”.

Kosher Law stems from the Biblical concept that food has both a spiritual as well as physical relevance. These laws are complex and kosher food requires the supervision of a competent Rabbi. Contrary to common misconception, a “Rabbi’s Blessings” is not the Koshering Process. In order for any food to be certified Kosher, it must meet the requirements of Jewish Law, which can vary widely depending upon the nature of the product.

According to Kosher requirement, no dairy or meat products may be mixed or consumed at the same time. Separate cooking utensils and equipment must be used for these products. The above list is only a guide to the general requirements of the laws of Kashruth. Many other regulations exist. Parve products can be mixed with either meat or dairy. Contrary to popular belief, Parve does not always mean vegan.