Tofutti Dairy-Free Marry Me Bars and Yours Truly Cones Are Back on the Shelves!

After a two-year absence due to production issues, we are excited to announce that Tofutti Marry Me Dessert Bars and Yours Truly Cones are back on the grocery store shelves! We missed them as much as our customers did and are thrilled to see them back in production.


Marry Me Dessert Bars may be the answer to a healthy, long-lasting relationship! We married voluptuous vanilla with dark chocolate to create the perfect match. Cold, creamy vanilla wrapped in luscious chocolate – what’s not to love? Treat your family to some today and feel the love!


Marry Me Bars satisfy that craving for something sweet at coffee time or after dinner. In fact, they hit the spot at just about any time of day! And at just 168 calories per bar, there’s no need to feel guilty.


Marry Me Bars are non-GMO and cholesterol-free and are sweetened with organic sugar. Go ahead – indulge your inner child with our dairy-free treats,  which offer the old-fashioned goodness of an ice cream bar in a modern and absolutely delicious vegan treat.


Marry Me Bars


You may also want to treat “yours truly” to a sweet, satisfying Yours Truly Sundae Cone by Tofutti. It looks and tastes like old-fashioned frozen ice cream in a sugar cone, but our version is dairy- and lactose-free, with no butterfat or cholesterol, making it ideal for a vegan or dairy-free diet at 168 calories per cone.


Our crunchy sugar cone is decadently lined in chocolate and filled with smooth, creamy vanilla that’s topped with rich fudge swirls. You will feel like a kid again when you bite into a Yours Truly Sundae Cone. It may bring back wonderful childhood memories of riding your bike to the corner store and then counting out your pennies (remember those?) on the counter as you anxiously waited to bite into the icy goodness of a frozen cone. Now, you can just head to a local grocery store to pick up a box of Yours Truly with four Sundae Cones and enjoy the dairy-free treats to your heart’s content.


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