Tofutti bean dip

bean dipSo, you have to eat dairy-free, and you’re throwing a get together with friends. What can you make that you and all your guests will enjoy? Tofutti has scrumptious, dairy-free alternatives that will be a hit at your party!

Try Tofutti’s Bean Dip recipe! It’s perfect for vegetables and crackers, and uses Tofutti’s Better Than Sour Cream! While it takes a bit of time to prepare the caramelized onions, it’s definitely worth the wait!

For this recipe, you will need two tablespoons of olive oil, one large yellow onion diced, sea salt to taste, two teaspoons of natural sugar, one and a half cups of thinly sliced spring onions, half a teaspoon of soy sauce, two cups stemmed and finely chopped fresh kale, Swiss chard or baby spinach, two large cloves of garlic, one teaspoon of cumin, one teaspoon of smoked paprika, freshly ground black pepper, one to 15.5 ounce can of white beans rinsed and drained, and one and a half cups of Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream.

Now that you’ve got everything you need, you will need to heat the oil in a large cast iron skillet just above medium heat. Add in your yellow onion, a quarter teaspoon of sea salt and sugar and sauté, stirring often for 15 minutes. The onions should turn to a deep, golden brown colour. Add in your spring onions and soy sauce and continue to sauté for 10 more minutes. Next, add kale and garlic, and sauté again for 5 more minutes.

Remove the skillet from heat, and stir in lime juice and zest, cumin, smoked paprika, black pepper and white beans. Chill for about an hour, and then stir in the Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream to complete a delicious dip for all to enjoy! Use vegetable strips, crackers, or corn chips as dippers!

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Watch our video to learn how to make this delicious bean dip.