Three fun and easy ways to celebrate World Vegan Month!

world_veganNovember marks World Vegan Month, an event that celebrates a lifestyle that is not only great for your health but also promotes animal welfare and benefits our environment.

During World Vegan Month, advocates around the globe hold festivals, potluck events and seminars with the goal of encouraging others to give their lifestyle a go.

While some people think a diet free from meat, fish, eggs, dairy and even honey sounds boring, most vegans would tell you quite the opposite. A diet rich in fresh produce, grains, legumes, nuts and specialty foods, like Tofutti products, means meal preparation is always creative and mealtime is always interesting.

So if you’ve ever considered going vegan, there’s no better time to test drive a plant-based diet, or commit to learning more about veganism, than right now. Following are three fun and easy ways to celebrate World Vegan Month today!

Dine out vegan 

If you live in a big town or major city, you likely have no shortage of modern restaurants that specialize in vegan cuisine, including raw, organic and gluten-free options. Plus, many cultures enjoy cuisine that is naturally vegan-friendly. So if you’re planning on eating out vegan-style, consider a meal at a Japanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican or Middle Eastern restaurant.

Eat vegan at home

Choose a day of the week to go vegan at home, like a meatless Monday. For inspiration, pick up a vegan cookbook, or start following blogs that feature vegan recipes. Have fun experimenting with different flavours and textures, and don’t forget to involve the whole family in the preparation of a healthy, plant-based meal!

Transform your favourite recipes

Meat and dairy substitutes, such as our lineup of Tofutti products, can help you veganize your favourite recipes. Not only will they provide you with new tricks to make dishes healthier, but they will also transition your family to a vast range of vegan-friendly foods, including desserts such as Tofutti Cuties and Tofutti Novelties.

Happy World Vegan Month!