The magic combination

shutterstock_139873150To kick start your journey to good health and ideal body size, incorporate these tips into your daily routine to get your metabolism humming. If you want to start the calorie burn then work out with weights. Muscle burns calories fast, even after you’ve stopped working out. One pound of muscle burns 25 times more calories then a pound of fat.

The next thing to do is make sure you’re getting good quality sleep. Deep sleep encourages our bodies to produce human growth hormones; which stimulates our cells and increases our metabolism.

While you’re following the above steps make sure you’re also feeding your muscles with high-quality food, especially lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Here is a list of other to-do items:

  • Get active. Weight train at least twice a week – three times a week is even better. And do cardio two or three times a week. Interval cardio training really revs up your metabolic engine.
  • Eat consistently. Stop the yo-yoing because it  confuses your body and will result in slowing metabolism
  • Eat often. Eat between five and six meals a day and consume approximately 300 to 400 calories at each meal
  • Drink water. Lots of it.
  • Instead of simple carbs, which is basically sugar, switch to  more complex carbs like whole wheat products, and grains
  • Find a good-quality multi-vitamin and take daily
  • Make sure to include more mono-saturated fats in your diet, but not too much
  • Don’t forget about protein. Eating meals with protein will increase your metabolic rate faster than if eating meals with just carbohydrates. Even vegans and vegetarians need to make sure they’re getting adequate amount of protein, whether through beans and or soy-based products such as TOFUTTI. Check out the variety of products available at your health food store and many supermarkets.