Tasty tricks to make dairy-free Halloween treats

shutterstock_114983044 (1)It’s already challenging enough for a parent to temper a child’s temptation towards bags full of sugary treats. But for parents of kids who are allergic to dairy, Halloween can be extra tricky.

Frightful parents whose kids have severe allergies need to be extra vigilant to ensure their children stay away from scarysweets at parties, as well as candycollected door-to-door. This is usually followed by hours pouring over labels in search of offending ingredients, such as dairy protein.

With the following flavourful recipes, however, parents can be confident they’re lactose-free, while still being in the spirit of the spooky season. Plus, these treats are as fun to prepare as they are to eat!

Spine-chilling creepy crawlers

For this ice cream sandwich inspired treat, buy or bake your go-to lactose-free cookies and pair them with your favourite flavour of Tofutti Premium non-dairy dessert.

After softening the frozen dessert by letting it sit for a few minutes, scoop some onto the bottom of a cookie. Top the sandwich with the second cookie, and press. Even out the edges with a spatula, and place into the freezer.

Meanwhile, melt dairy-free dark chocolate chips in a double boiler. This will serve as the glue to affix your creepy crawlers’ legs (pretzels) and eyes (your choice of dairy free candy). Place your creepy crawlers back into the freezer until they’re ready to terrify your taste buds.

Venomous vampire bites

Cut a crisp apple into quarters. Slice out a wedge in the centre of the skin-side of the  quarters, so that each piece resembles an open mouth. Add lemon juice to keep the apple flesh from browning.

Spread your favourite nut butter inside each mouth, along with some blood-red jelly. Press slivered almonds in for the teeth, and don’t forget to add some fierce fangs.

Zombie dip

Hollow out a whole cauliflower by removing it’s stem to create a bowl. Insert your favourite guacamole recipe, and serve the oozing brain dip with tortilla chips and fresh-cut vegetables.

What other tricks do you have for kid-friendly, dairy-free Halloween treats?