Sweetened with Stevia

Did you know Tofutti Hooray! Hooray! Bars are sweetened with stevia? Tofutti was the first to use stevia in a frozen dessert, but what exactly is it?

Stevia comes from the stevia plant and is the perfect all-natural, zero calorie alternative to sugar. Coming from steviol glycoside extract, it’s said to have up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar.

With a rise in the demand for low-carb, low-sugar alternatives, stevia has come at the right time. It is taking the place of artificial sweeteners we all know and love (or used to, anyways), such as aspartame, splenda, and xylitol.

Using stevia is the healthiest alternative to sugar for people trying to improve their overall health, which includes controlling blood sugar, preventing hypertension, treating skin disorders, reducing blood pressure, preventing tooth decay, and controlling Candida. Moreover, studies are showing that stevia is antibacterial, and serves as a natural antiviral agent.

For people who suffer from diabetes, this is the perfect replacement for sugar, without any consequence. People on diets to control liver or kidney disease can also benefit from the wonders of stevia.

Another advantage to the sugar that isn’t sugar is that it actually reduces sugar cravings because it fools the body into believing it has been satisfied by sugar. As a result, stevia helps suppress appetites and sweet food cravings.

The plant that stevia comes from is full of nutrients. It contains protein, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, zinc, rutin, vitamin A, C, and other nutrients. It seems like the benefits are endless. But wait, there’s even more.

Stevia is non-fermentable, non-discolouring, and maintains heat stability (which gives it an extensive shelf life.) It is non-toxic, and has healing capabilities if placed on a cut.

Put it in your tea to make it sweet, cook with it, use it to heal a wound, you name it. With endless health benefits and nutrients, stevia just keeps getting better. 

Tofutti uses stevia in all products, to make your life that much sweeter.