No Need to Chase the Ice Cream Truck With Tofutti Treats in Your Freezer

icecreamIt’s an instantly recognizable sound—the sweet song of the ice cream truck on your street. It brings back childhood memories of waving at the ice cream man to stop and sell us some delicious treats. But for some children who may be dairy intolerant or who follow a vegan diet, there are alternatives to ice cream.

This summer, stock your freezer full of Tofutti non-dairy treats.

TOFUTTI CUTIES® are the perfect size ice cream style sandwiches for little hands! They are our best selling ice cream style product, and with good reason. Yummy non-dairy ice cream style goodness is wedged between two chocolate wafers in yummy flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie N’ Cream and Wildberry.

TOFUTTI CUTIES® contain no dairy products, no cholesterol and are trans fat free. Moms and dads love them too!

TOFUTTI PREMIUM® non-dairy frozen desserts

Available in 500 ml tubs in delicious flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Vanilla Almond Bark® ready to scoop onto your favourite pie, cake or bowl of fresh fruit.
TOFUTTI NOVELTIES are a collection of delicious non-dairy ice cream style novelty treats.

We’ve done what seems like the impossible with our TOFUTTI CHOCOLATE FUDGE TREATS. They have the same great taste of regular fudge bars, but are made with organic sugar and no gluten added, so our bars are not only fat free, they have just 30 calories per bar!.

Other Tofutti favourites include our TOFUTTI YOURS TRULY CONES (crunchy sugar cones filled with rich chocolate, topped with vanilla TOFUTTI and dipped in a thick chocolate coating with chocolate cookie crunchies), TOFUTTI TOTALLY FUDGE PREMIUM POPS, TOFUTTI MARRY ME BARS (you will fall in love with these–Vanilla TOFUTTI® wrapped with a dark chocolate coating), TOFUTTI YOURS TRULY, TOFUTTI COFFEE BREAK TREATS and TOFUTTI HOORAY! BARS; the ideal treat for those following a low carb or low cal diet. Hip-hip-HOORAY for Tofutti novelty treats!