Need a healthy meal in a pinch? Order in!

Indian FoodSpring may be on its way, but in some parts of Canada, hibernation is still in season. And while staying indoors can help you beat the cold, it does little to stock your fridge so you can survive the tail-end of winter.

When your fridge, freezer and pantry are empty, delivery from your favourite restaurants come to the rescue. However, for people with food allergies, or other dietary restrictions such as a vegan diet, ordering in can be challenging. That’s because most menus are heavy on animal protein, including meat, cheese and eggs.

Even so, many cultures cater to specialty diets with naturally vegan and allergy-friendly dishes. This means the convenience of delivery doesn’t have to come at the cost of compromising your diet – or health. So next time you need a meal delivered to your doorstep in a pinch, consider ordering the following cuisine to enjoy at home:

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern food offers many plant-based dishes that are full of flavour. Mezzeare appetizers served family-style and are ideal for sharing. Vegan options include flatbread served with delectable dips, including hummus and baba ghanoush, a smoky eggplant spread.

Meanwhile, vegetable and grain salads highlight the region’s raw ingredients, and are served with natural olive oil dressings and fresh herbs. Middle Eastern stews, on the other hand, are heartier options packed with legumes for extra protein.


Wholesome and satisfying, there are many Indian dishes made without meat, dairy or egg. Prepared with a light chickpea batter, vegetable pakoras are a delicious start to any Indian meal, and can also be made vegan.

Plus,Indian cuisine offers a host ofveggie main-course selections, including fragrant lentil dhals cooked with tomatoes, spinach, ginger and lemon. Traditional, Indian-spiced stews include cauliflower, eggplant, potato, and other vegetables. Chana Masala is a tangy chickpea dish served in an aromatic garlic and ginger sauce.


Fresh and flavourful, there’s always something tasty on Thai menus to accommodate specialty diets. Sweet and savoury green mango salad is an ideal option for vegans.And red, yellow and green Thai curries are prepared using coconut milk rather than dairy, and offer a combination of vegetables, fresh herbs and tofu to complete a healthy meal.