March Break Frozen Treats to Make you “Coolest Parent on the Block”

March Break means the kids are out of school and have a house full of little ones asking; “Mom or Dad, is there anything GOOD to eat? (By good, kids likely mean delicious as opposed to good-for-you, but with TOFUTTI frozen treats in your freezer, you can supply treats that are both delicious and nutritious, making you the “Best Mom or Dad” on the Block!

TOFUTTI CUTIES® are our best selling ice cream style product, with good reason. They are the perfect bite-size ice cream style sandwiches. Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie N’ Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip or Wildberry flavours, wedged between two chocolate wafers. If you prefer vanilla, try the TOTALLY VANILLA TOFUTTI CUTIE® which is vanilla icy goodness wedged between two vanilla wafers.

TOFUTTI CUTIES® are totally dairy-free, without butterfat or cholesterol, yet have the same great taste of traditional ice cream sandwiches. Like all of our frozen dessert products, they are also completely trans-fat free, including the chocolate wafers.

We also offer several other lactose-free, dairy-free frozen TOFUTTI NOVELTIES:

Totally Fudge Premium Pops look and taste like fudge bars on a stick, yet they are made with organic sugar with no gluten added. At 95 calories and one gram of fat per bar, these are a delicious treat that will bring back great childhood memories.

TOFUTTI Chocolate Fudge Treats are a low fat, low-carb treat with only 30 calories per bar!

TOFUTTI NOVELTIES have some of the cutest names imaginable! Creamy, satiny smooth icy goodness surrounded with a dark chocolate coating served on a wooden stick—no wonder these frozen bars are called MARRY ME BARS! Who wouldn’t fall in love with these TOFUTTI treats that look and taste like traditional ice cream bars on a stick, yet they are made with organic sugar with no gluten added and they are dairy-free.

TOFUTTI Yours Truly features a crunchy cone with vanilla or chocolate TOFUTTI Premium Frozen Dessert that are ideal for anyone on a low-fat or low-carb diet.

When 3 p.m. hits and you are searching around for something sweet to eat, instead of reaching for the cookie or candy jar, head to the freezer and enjoy a refreshing treat—TOFUTTI Coffee Break Treats, a stick novelty frozen bar that’s fat free, no sugar added, made with organic sugar and no gluten added—and like the Chocolate Fudge Treats, the Coffee Break Treats, have just 30 calories per bar.

TOFUTTI HORRAY! Bars are like ice cream on a stick, only in this case it’s dairy-free, creamy smooth vanilla with a crispy crunch dipped in dark chocolate. No sugar added (made with Stevia), these delicious frozen bars are perfect for anyone on a low-fat, low-carb or dairy-free diet. Hip, hip HOORAY!