Make Mom’s Day with Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14th, 2017

Imagine the delight on Mom’s face when you surprise her with breakfast in bed! Dad and the kids can join forces to pull off this caper. While the kids are busy buttering toast and pouring orange juice and perhaps picking a few flowers from the garden to put in a small vase, Dad can make the eggs coffee and prepare a fancy serving tray.

Dipper Eggs (serves 3 to 6)

Pour about l cup of water into the bottom of a medium sized pot. Place 6 eggs in their shells into the pot of cold water and place the pot on the element on high heat. Watch the pot and as soon as you see the water start to bubble and boil (it takes a few minutes); set the timer for 5 minutes. Turn the heat down slightly but water should remain at a steady boil.

In the meantime have the kids toast and butter several slices of whole wheat bread. Help the children cut the bread into “soldiers” or fingers (long strips for dipping into the eggs).

When the timer sounds, remove the pot from the element. Using egg cups (or shot glasses) place one egg in each cup.

Take a knife and carefully cut the top off of each egg (Dad will need to do this). Check that each egg is done—egg yolk should be soft and runny and white should be firm and cooked through.

Place toast fingers on a china plate alongside one or two eggs in egg cups and place on a breakfast tray, along with a cup of steaming hot coffee, fresh orange juice and a vase with fresh flowers. Deliver to Mom and watch the delight on her face.

Then the rest of the family can enjoy the remaining Dipper Eggs with big smiles all around, knowing you certainly made her Mother’s Day special.