Is Snacking Good for You?


It seems it depends on what study your read!  While some studies say snacking helps control blood sugar, others say snacking between meals may lead to weight gain.  There are as many opinions as they are studies on the subject, so you be the judge. Each person is different, but generally, a healthy, portion-controlled snack may be just the right pick-me-up you need in the afternoon when the munchies hit.  If we let ourselves get ravenous, it can lead to unhealthy choices.

An apple or perhaps a handful of almonds can help keep hunger at bay until meal time.  Another suggestion for a great portion-controlled snack is to try TOFUTTI CUTIES®, non-dairy “ice cream sandwiches” that look and taste like traditional ice cream sandwiches but are half the size—just right for snacking. Rich chocolate wafers surround icy cold TOFUTTI non-dairy ice cream for a delicious satisfying treat. The cute little sandwiches come in flavours like Vanilla, Cookie ‘N’ Cream, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate chip and Wildberry with chocolate wafers or TOTALLY VANILLA TOFUTTI CUTIE®

TOFUTTI CUTIES®, are our bestselling ice cream-style product. They are popular with kids and adults as a dairy-free, cholesterol free treat.

TOFUTTI NOVELTIES make great snacks any time of the day, direct from your freezer.

TOTALLY FUDGE PREMIUM POPS taste the same as real fudge bars, but they are made with organic sugar with no gluten added and have just 95 calories and one gram of fat per bar!

CHOCOLATE FUDGE TREATS are similar, but are fat free, with no sugar added and each bar has only 30 calories! Go ahead and have two—they are ideal for anyone on a low fat or low carb diet.

For those watching their sugar intake, HOORAY! BARS are a sugar-free treat that taste almost too good to be true! Creamy vanilla TOFUTTI is dipped in dark chocolate with a crispy crunchy topping, all served on a stick. HOORAY! BARS are ideal for anyone on a low fat, low sugar or low carb diet.


To always have a quick snack or dessert on hand, slice some fresh fruit and serve with various flavours of TOFUTTI PREMIUM® non-dairy frozen dessert

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