Holiday gifts for the VIP vegan in your life

gift givingWith the gift-giving season fast approaching, you’re likely making a list to find the perfect presents to pamper the special people in your life. And should any of them be vegan, you may want to check that list twice.

Let’s face it, it can be tough enough to buy people gifts they’ll truly appreciate. And finding one that adheres to a vegan lifestyle can make the challenge even more difficult.

Vegans avoid items made using animal products. This means they refrain from food containing meat, dairy, eggs and even honey. Moreover, most vegans stay away from clothing and accessories sourced from animals, including leather, fur, silk, wool and pearls.

But giving vegan gifts doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, by taking the time to research a gift that reflects someone’s ethical choices, you’ll be showing him or her how much you really care.

Below are vegan-friendly gift ideas to inspire you and get you in the spirit of giving:

A basket fit for a foodie

The holiday season is synonymous with indulgence. While some food and drink is off limits for vegans, including wines processed using animal products, it doesn’t mean they have to forgo festive fare completely. A trip to your local health food store can serve as a source for premium vegan ingredients – including Tofutti products. Plus, with some online research, you’ll be able to find wines that meet the vegan seal of approval.

Cruelty-free beauty products

Beauty products can contain ingredients derived from animals – or tested on them. For that reason, treating your VIP vegan to cruelty-free soaps, skin or hair products not only makes for an ethical gift, but also a functional one. Don’t forget many vegans avoid beeswax, a common ingredient in lotions and lip balms.

The gift that keeps on giving

A donation to a charitable cause your vegan friend or family member is committed to, including animal rights or welfare groups, is a thoughtful and welcomed gift. For example, animal rescues and sanctuaries are always looking for support, so your present may even save a life. Who wouldn’t love that as a gift?