Healthy twists on traditional barbecue classics

bbqThe Victoria Day long weekend is upon us, and if you’re like many Canadians, you’re probably firing up the grill to ring in the festivities, fireworks, and barbecue season.

Grilling season is an opportunity to take advantage of no-fuss food and relaxed cooking techniques, while also enjoying the warmer weather and socializing with your guests. After all, preparing a barbecued meal is almost as enjoyable as eating it!

But if you’re tired of typical barbecue fare, are looking for a healthier alternative to hot dogs and burgers, or are entertaining guests with dietary restrictions, such as food allergies or a vegan diet, you’ll need to think twice about the spread you’re serving.

That’s where the below twists on traditional cookout classics come in to help. As well as being meat, dairy, and egg-free to accommodate all of your guests, they can also be prepared with minimal hassle and little added prep time. Enjoy!

Dip into veggies

Pair a platter of freshly sliced or whole spring vegetables with a homemade onion or ranch-style dip for guests to nibble on. Replace dairy in the dip with Tofutti’s lactose-free Better Than Cream Cheese  for a crowd-pleaser everyone can enjoy.

Get your grill on

There’s so much more than meat to slap on the grill, including many vegetarian-friendly alternatives available on the market, such as veggie burgers. Another easy and tasty option is barbecuing portobello mushrooms for your vegan guests.

Prepared with your favourite marinade, grilled mushrooms take on a meat-like texture, and are perfect for sandwiching between a burger bun along with Tofutti Soy Cheese Slices.

Simple sides

For an easy-to-prepare side dish your guests will love, serve baked potatoes with your favourite fixings, including a dollop of Toffuti Sour Supreme for dairy-free guests.

Sweet endings

After firing up the grill, you’ll want to cool down with any one of Toffuti’s soy-based frozen desserts. Additionally, our Tofutti Premium is a mouth-watering alternative to ice cream, and is available in Vanilla Almond Bark, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, and Better Pecan flavours.