Go Dairy-Free and Welcome Pizza into Your Life

shutterstock_72873583Pizza may be one of the world’s perfect foods. After all, you can put a variety of vegetables on it to your liking, and it’s easy to make and healthy – if made with the right ingredients.

Despite it being so delicious, many people cannot enjoy a slice of hot pizza because they are vegan or lactose intolerant. In fact, some restaurants that serve pizza are missing out on a huge customer base that has dairy sensitivities.

In fact, in America alone, there are almost 100 million people who can’t eat pizza made with traditional dairy/meat products. That’s a big chunk of potential business for restaurants, and a lot of people who can’t enjoy delicious pizza at home!

There is an answer! Tofutti offers a delicious alternative to traditional dairy products. Instead of using regular cheese to make pizza, why not try Tofutti Slices? They are a non-dairy, vegan option based on soy ingredients, and is available in two flavours: Mozzarella or American.

Once you’ve got the cheese on the pizza, you can add other delicious Tofutti products, even Better Than Cream Cheese  for a smoother texture!

To find out more about Tofutti products, and how they can be used to make dairy-free pizza and other delicious meals, browse our website!