For the Love of Chocolate: A Brief History, and Why We Love It So Much (Plus a Few TOFUTTI Products to Help With Those Chocolate Cravings)


Did you know that it is believed that the history of cocoa and chocolate dates back almost 4,000 years? That’s according to renowned chocolatier Barry Callebaut, as stated on the company’s website. The website continues: “Cocoa played an important role as a currency in the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Cocoa and chocolate are not merely sensational foodstuffs that make people happy, they have a rich history. Cocoa and chocolate were first consumed for medicinal purposes. It was only later that they became popular as foodstuffs due to their seductive taste.”

A small village in the Ulúa Valley in Honduras is thought to be where cocoa was discovered 4,000 years ago. The villagers used cocoa to make a drink called xocoatl. Later in history, the Aztecs adopted some of the Toltecs’ religious practices and worshipped the god of cocoa, called Quetzalcoatl, who, according to legend, received cocoa as a gift from the gods.

In 1502, Columbus reached the New World on his fourth journey and landed on the island of Guanaja, close to Honduras, and was offered cocoa by the locals. In 1519, when Hernando Cortés landed in Mexico, the Aztecs believed he was Quetzalcoatl and offered him cocoa. Cortés, who was hunting for gold, soon discovered that cocoa seemed to hold equal value! He then created the first cocoa plantations and, later, imported the first cocoa beans to Spain. News of this delicious treat soon spread, and the rest, as they say, is history! For more information on the history of cocoa and chocolate, visit the Barry Callebaut website.

At Tofutti, we also love chocolate! We’ve created several icy cold frozen treats to celebrate and share our love of chocolate with others. Here are just a few of our treats with chocolate, available at health food stores and major grocery stores:

Tofutti Novelties such as Yours Truly Cones, Chocolate Fudge Treats and Marry Me Bars.

Tofutti Premium® non-dairy frozen dessert, available in various flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate and Vanilla Almond Bark®.

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