Following a Non-Dairy Diet? You Can Still Enjoy Your “Cream Cheese” with TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE®

It looks like traditional cream cheese. It tastes like traditional cream cheese. You can use it as a spread for sandwiches and bagels, use it in a filling or dip, bake with it, yet it’s not cream cheese in the traditional sense—this is TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE®, a lactose-free non-dairy, cholesterol-free spread that’s perfect for those following a vegan or non-dairy lifestyle.

All TOFUTTI products contain soy protein and meet the needs of most people who are following a vegetarian or non-dairy lifestyle. All of our TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE® products are totally vegan.

TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE® comes in several delicious flavours:

• Plain (available in 227 gram and 30 lb. Bulk boxes)
• French Onion
• Herbs & Chives
• Garlic & Herb
• Non-Hydrogenated without partially hydrogenated fat

With many Canadians watching their fat and calorie intake, we now offer TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE® with no Trans fatty acids. Made with organic sugar, the non-hydrogenated version can be used just like the original version in a variety of different way. Go ahead and spread the goodness!