Family Favourite Chocolate Desserts (updated to be non-dairy)

Family favourite recipes passed down through the generations; these are the ones from the cookbooks with pages that can barely be read as they are now stained with chocolate spills or the pages have curled over with time. We’ve restored some old-school family favourite recipes and have updated them to make them dairy free by substituting traditional sour cream or cream cheese or other dairy ingredients with soy or almond milk, TOFUTTI SOUR SUPREME®  or TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE®

Go ahead and print the recipes and start your new collection of old family favourites. Hint—cover the recipes with plastic or store them in large plastic bags to avoid spills as you will want to save these recipes for years to come!

Chocolate Pudding Cake

Gooey pudding on the bottom and a moist cake layer magically forms on top! Top with a scoop or two of TOFUTTI PREMIUM® for the perfect Valentine’s treat.


Part One:

2/3 cup flour

2 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

3 Tbsp cocoa powder

½ cups packed brown sugar

1/3 cup oat bran

¾ cup milk

2 Tbsp melted non-dairy margarine

1 tsp vanilla extract

Part Two: topping

2/3 cup packed brown sugar

3 Tbsp cocoa powder

1 cup boiling water

TOFUTTI PREMIUM® non-dairy frozen dessert

Part One: Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. In a medium sized bowl mix together flour, baking powder, salt and 3 Tbsp of cocoa powder, ½ cup brown sugar and 1/3 cup oat bran. Add milk, margarine and vanilla and beat until smooth, about one to two minutes. Pour batter into a nine inch square pan.

Part Two: In a small bowl mix together with a fork; 2/3 cup brown sugar, 3 Tbsp cocoa powder and sprinkle this over the cake batter in the pan. Do not stir.

Boil the kettle and carefully pour 1 cup of boiling water over the sugar mixture. Do not stir. Place pan in oven and bake for 35 minutes until top is firm to the touch. Serve warm with a big scoop of TOFUTTI PREMIUM® non-dairy frozen dessert

Old Fashioned Chocolate Bread Pudding


2 cups non-dairy milk such as soy or almond milk (chocolate flavoured adds richness)

¾ cup chocolate chips

¼ cup cocoa powder

1 cup sugar

6 slices of white or whole wheat bread

6 eggs lightly beaten

Top with: TOFUTTI PREMIUM® non-dairy frozen dessert

Lightly grease a 9 x 12 glass baking dish.

In a small pot over low to medium heat, slowly heat the non-dairy milk for about 5 minutes or until hot to touch. Remove from the element and stir in the chocolate chips. Stir until chips are melted and mixture is smooth and glossy. Add in cocoa powder and sugar and stir well until sugar is dissolved. Cool slightly.

Break eggs into a large bowl or measuring cup and whisk with a fork. Add 1 Tbsp of the chocolate mixture into the eggs and stir quickly with a fork. Then pour the egg mixture into the bowl with the chocolate mixture and stir quickly with a fork to blend and then beat for about one minute.

On a cutting board, remove the crusts from the bread slices. Cut bread into small cubes (about two to three inches square but no need to be precise) and then place the cubes in the prepared baking pan. Pour the liquid over the bread cubes making sure all cubes are covered. Place pan in a preheated 325 degree F oven and bake for approximately 1 hour. The pudding should puff up slightly and look set (the centre will jiggle a bit). Serve pudding warm in bowls topped with TOFUTTI PREMIUM® non-dairy frozen dessert