Celebrate World Vegan Month with lifestyle changes

shutterstock_2994318If you’ve ever considered going vegan, there’s no better time to swap a diet fueled by animal protein for a plant-based one than right now.

November is World Vegan Month, a time when vegans across the globe join together to celebrate animal rights, and other ethical, environmental and health reasons that inspire their collective lifestyle.

The month commemorates the formation of The Vegan Society in November 1944. Founder Donald Watson and his fellow “non-dairy vegetarians” coined the word “vegan” to describe their diet. They did so by combining the first three and last two letters of “vegetarian.”

Being a vegan means not consuming animal products. This includes dairy, eggs, meat, fish and even honey. Moreover, most vegans frown upon wearing anything made with leather or fur.

During World Vegan Month, advocates hold festivals, potluck events, and seminars with the goal of encouraging others to give their lifestyle a go. You too can take part in a healthier lifestyle that’s environmentally friendly and free from animal cruelty with the following tips for aspiring vegans.

Do your research

Overhauling how you eat and live is not a feat to be taken lightly. If you’re considering a vegan lifestyle, know what you’re signing yourself up for, and educate yourself in how to do it right.

There are multitudes of resources for you to do your research, including books and online forums. These can arm with you the tools to be a happy and healthy vegan who enjoys a delicious and balanced diet, philosophy and outlook.

Find a community

You’re not alone in your quest to live better, so buddying up with others who share the same lifestyle choices and beliefs as you is always a good idea. This canbroaden your network and open your social life to a host of vegan-oriented events.

Remember, your dietary choices shouldn’t isolate you from others. Instead, they should bring you closer to like-minded individuals.

Take it day by day

Like any lifestyle shift, it takes time to find your groove. Don’t pressure yourself to make too many changes at once – and forgive your blunders. Take it one day at time, and don’t punish yourself for not being perfect. Instead, focus on continuing to make changes that improve your health, and the world around you.