Is Snacking Good for You?

It seems it depends on what study your read!  While some studies say snacking helps control blood sugar, others say snacking between meals may lead to weight gain.  There are as many opinions as they are studies on the subject, so you be the judge. Each person is different, but generally, a healthy, portion-controlled snack

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Stocking the Pantry

Stocking the Perfect Pantry

Making quick and healthy meals starts with having the right ingredients on hand.  This includes a pantry stocked with the basics like pasta, rice, bouillon, soups, canned tomatoes; a fridge stocked with fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables, in addition to a good selection of non-dairy TOFUTTI® products which look and taste like real sour

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Tofutti Logo

You Asked, We Answered: Information about TOFUTTI® Products

We often get asked questions about our products. People understandably want to know what’s in our products and how we make our dairy-free products taste so good.  Many people tell us TOFUTTI® products look and taste like real sour cream, cream cheese and ice cream. TOFUTTI® is a line of cholesterol-free, lactose-free and cholesterol-free non-dairy

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New Years Resolutions

Recipes to Help Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

A Canadian study conducted in 2016 on New Year’s resolutions found that 33% of Canadians surveyed said that improving personal fitness was first on their list of resolutions. Second most popular resolution was improving personal finances, with 21% of those surveyed saying they want to spend less/save more or pay off debts, followed by people

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