Add variety to your kids lunches

iStock_000004739667SmallNow that school is in full swing and the kids are fully immersed in their back to school routine, maybe it’s time to start adding some variety to their lunches. Especially with food allergies being so common, parents are always looking for lunch inspiration.

Here are a few ideas that will ensure your kids are impressed. All you need to do is substitute cream cheese with Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese!

Cream cheese roll ups:

Spread Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese on a small tortilla shell. Then be creative. Try jam, salsa, turkey, veggies, beans, almond butter – the options are endless. Once you have your layers, roll up the wrap and cut into bite sized pieces.

Take sandwiches to a whole new level:

Start with Tofutti dairy free cheese slices and add a variety of toppings to make sandwiches fun. Add turkey or chicken slices, tuna, veggies. To score extra points with the kids, use assorted cookie cutters to make fun sandwich shapes.