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Better Than Cream Cheese
The non-dairy substitute for cream cheese. BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE® is similar in taste and texture to traditional cream cheese, but is milk and butterfat free and contains no cholesterol.
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Tofutti Slices
Dairy-free cheese snacks. TOFUTTI SOY CHEESE SLICES® offer consumers a delicious non-dairy, vegan alternative to regular cheese slices.
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Tofutti Cuties
The perfect bite size ice cream style sandwich with no dairy and no cholesterol. TOFUTTI CUTIES®, our best selling ice cream style product, are bite size frozen sandwiches between two chocolate wafers.
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Tofutti Novelties
A collection of delicious frozen treats that are all dairy-free!
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Delicious Non-Dairy Recipes

French Toast Recipes

Patio Brunch and Dinner Ideas

It’s patio season – time to have some drinks or a meal with friends and family outdoors, under a wide umbrella to shade you from the summer sun, while watching the world go by. But you have to get up pretty early to snag a place on the patio at the popular neighbourhood brunch spot,

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Salad Recipes

4 Seasons of Salad Ideas

During the summer when the farmer’s markets, fruit stands and grocery stores are brimming with fresh produce, it’s easy to eat our fill of fresh fruits and vegetables. But during the long winter months, we may struggle to find ways to use root vegetables or other vegetables that are in season. Here are a few

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Bananas Foster Recipes

Showy yet Simple Desserts

Why save dessert for special occasions when you can indulge every day of the week with desserts made with Tofutti® non-dairy products? Tofutti Sour Supreme can be used to replace regular sour cream in recipes. Sour Supreme is similar in taste and texture to traditional sour cream but is milk- and butterfat-free, and cholesterol-free. It boasts

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